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Date: 25th September 2015
Water Bottling Equipment For Sale GRA-100/J(1200-2000BPH)

"Automatic Water Bottling Equipment


Suitable bottle:3-6gallon bottle 


Interior bottle Washing,automatic Dispensing Bottle for filling machine 

Washing bottle station 1:recycle water washing to remove the dirt,impurities to avoid to the next procedures

Washing bottle station 2:Isolated drip dry

Washing bottle station3-5:heating temperature,add alkaline washing adopt electrical heating tube:36Kw,can reach 65℃to remove the dirt inside the bottle

Heating tank with double stainless steel, sandwiching cotton insulation, thermal insulation treatment to increaseflushing pipes

Quick return structure, effectively prevent the thermal diffusion and energy conservation

Station is equipped with ventilation ports above can drain away the fog;

high pressure washing, water pump placed outside the body, overall nice, easy repair and maintenance. )"