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Date: 25th September 2015
Water Bottle Filling Machine Item:GRA-100/JN(600BPH)

"Green-Aqua Equipment & Electrical Co.,Ltd, with professional water bottling machine factory, is one of the best China water bottling machine manufacturers, welcome to wholesale products from us.

Automatic Water Bottling Machine(Fully enclosed filling)


a)Composed of main driving,filling tank,filling parts, bottle input&output start wheel ,bottle lifting device etc.stable working, Continuous operation, high efficiency, filling no spray, no water, to ensure that the ozone concentration, health and safety.

b)Filling machine frame chassis made from high quality carbon steel welded, rust-treatment and spraying the surface with high-quality stainless steel table

c)Normal pressure Filling ,built-in exhaust, no pressure filling, no return water to reduce waste emissions.

d)PLC control"