Green-Aqua Equipment&Electrical Co., Ltd

Date: 25th September 2015
Mineral Water Machine Price Item:GRA-UF(5T/H-S2)

"Brief Introduction

Such system adopts pre-treatment device, micro-filter device,UF membrane device and ozone to kill germs to make best nature mineral water. The pre-treatment device(designed the multimedia filters,covers the quarts), which can remove the suspended materials, sands, remaining chlorine and so on. Active carbon filter device can remove the organic substance,chorma, odour,colloid etc.Then use the UF system(Which precision filtration is 0.001-0.1 micro)to remove most of the dissolubility materials,bacterial,then use the ozone system to keep fresh。

Such system has automatic operation and semi-automatic operation available.Automatic has adopted relay to finalize the automatic function        "