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Date: 25th September 2015
Automatic Blow Molding Machine Item:GRA-24A(3000BPH)

"GRA-24A(3000BPH) stretch blow moulding machine is suitable to produce PET and bottles in all shapes.It is widely used to produce carbonated soft drink bottles. mineral bottles,pesticide pesticide bottles, oil bottles,cosmetic bottles, wide-mouth jars and hot fill bottles,etc.


1, Capacity:6L:750pcs/H,2L:2000pcs/H; 0.5L:2600pcs/H,0.1L:3000pcs/H

2, Blow max bottle volume: 6000ml

3,Feeding system carries the preforms automatically.

4,Infrared lamps adopted in the pre-hear to heat the PET pre-forms.

5,Fully automatic process with low investment, high efficiency. Quick and safety operation,easy trouble-shooting, maintenance and other advantages

6,Safety inter-locking device

7,Micro-computer-control system

8, Pneumatic parts are from FESTO, German"