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Date: 25th September 2015
5 Gallon Water Filling Machine Item:GRA-100/J(1200-2000BPH)

"Automatic 3/5Gallon Water Filling Machine(1200-2000BPH)

Item:GRA-100/J(1200-2000BPH),Capacity: 1200-2000BPH For 3/5Gallon Bottle 

Filling heads:10 heads

Sending cap/washing cap/capping machine

1)caps are sending into management cover plate quantified by wind,then make the caps order and sending caps work

2)ordered caps are sending to the washing cap machine inlet and then disinfection rinse by cylinder

3)disinfectant solution and product water washing for caps to ensure caps more clean

4)Management cover device as an external drive type, effectively prevent water splashing and flooding

5)talian management/hanging cap technology to suitable bottle height error+ /-5mm,. Release button is not involved in the cover.

6)Crawler device to capping cap to ensure capping accurate, gland uniform intensity,

7)PLC Control"